The air handling systems arrived last Friday and have been installed, however the electric company still has to complete hook up at the pole. The remaining floor work is still extremely temperature sensitive and we are hoping for optimal temperature soon! We still anticipate an April re-opening!



The range kit finally arrived to us this morning by tractor trailer from Las Vegas! Our general contractor will need several weeks to assemble it. We are now anxiously awaiting the air handling systems arrival! We are on target to re-open the range some time in April! rangekit03082014-2


The roof is complete, 90% of the duct work is completed, and all of the insulation is in. The remaining floor work is extremely temperature sensitive, however we are estimating April as our reopening date!
Range Update 2/25/14


Half of the duct work is complete and the electrical work has begun. We are still on target to reopen in the Spring!
Range Update 2/6/14


Despite Mother Nature giving us a hearty dose of Winter the last couple of weeks, the roofers are progressing. Our goal is still to reopen the indoor range by Spring! Thank you for your continued support and patience!


The steel beams & trusses are up and should be under cover the week of 1/20/14. Our goal is to reopen the indoor range by Spring! Thank you for your continued support and patience!
Range Update 1/20/14


Happy New Year to all of our customers! The steel beams & trusses should be up and under cover the week of 1/6/14. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our customers! – We will be updating the range progress after the New Year. Thank you for your continued support and patience. **T-shirts are Back In Stock** New Colors! New options! Click on NEWS. Please visit our Facebook for pictures of our progress. https://www.facebook/BobsLittleSportShop


The walls are up! The steel columns will be started next week and our goal is to have the roof on by Christmas.  Please visit our Facebook page for the most current pictures as it progresses.  Thank you once again for your continued patience and support!


We received our permits to begin the range rebuild! The existing concrete floor is being removed and new footings are being poured. Next week, the new walls should start going up, weather permitting of course! Please visit our Facebook for pictures of this week’s progress.  https://www.facebook/BobsLittleSportShop

Thank you for your continued patience and support!


Dear Members,

As of this week, all of our permits have been submitted to Glassboro and we are anxiously awaiting the approvals.
Construction is set to begin as soon as the permits are issued. We hope to post pictures of the new construction in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your patience.
Bob Viden


We here at Bob’s would like to thank you all once again for the emails, Facebook posts and numerous phone calls! We are working as hard as we can to get everything up and running as soon as we can. BUT, as you know, this takes time.  We are currently meeting with contractors and are still involved in the cleanup process.  Once the cleanup is complete we will begin to rebuild.  We will keep you posted as more information becomes available. WE ALL APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT VERY MUCH!


As many of you are already aware, we suffered a significant setback on Saturday, June 15th, when our indoor pistol range caught fire. It is a sad situation, but we are determined to move forward and become fully operational again as quickly as possible.

Let us start with some good news: more than anything else we are happy to tell you that no one was injured; everyone is safe and sound. That is the most important thing. Second, we would like to extend a very special thank you to the Police, Fire and EMT services from Glassboro, Monroe Twp. Washington Twp., Williamstown and  Pitman for dealing with this unfortunate situation. Third, we appreciate the outpouring of support from our customers and friends. We are humbled and appreciative by everyone’s concern and desire to help us rebuild.

The range, we’re sorry to say, has been damaged beyond what we had initially hoped for. As a result, for the immediate future our indoor range is closed. However, rest assured that we plan to rebuild as quickly as possible so we can have our range back up and fully operational. In the meantime, we are happy to also report that the store is completely intact and functional, and will resume normal hours of operation starting Monday, 6/17, at 10AM. That’s both the firearms and archery departments! Please consider stopping by and supporting us during this transition.

For those of you who are members of our indoor range, rest assured that we will be honoring your memberships for those of you who want to wait for the rebuild. For those of you who do not wish to wait, we will gladly pro-rate a refund for you. Please stop by and speak with us about what you would like to do.

We know there are a lot of rumors and information floating around as to what happened and what is being done to get the range back open. We ask that you please not believe what you read and hear unless you see it coming directly from us on the website or our Facebook page. While we know you are anxious for more information and to know how we are progressing with the rebuilding, we do not want speculation to get the better of everyone; we will provide you with updates as we can and thank you in advance for your patience.

Once again, thank you very much for your concern and support.

The Viden family and staff of Bob’s Little Sport Shop