Since the reopening of our range on April 23rd, we have been trying to resolve some sound issues when high powered rifles and shotguns are used in the range. We are temporarily suspending the use of high-powered rifles (i.e. AR/AK style platforms, excluding pistol caliber carbines) and shotguns until this issue is resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

These steps listed below, must be completed by everyone wishing to use our range on their first visit ONLY. This way, when you check in on your next visit, our system will reflect that you’ve already completed the required steps to use our facility. This policy will help us ensure the safety of all of our range members and guests. 

Please feel free to print and complete these forms in advance and bring them to the range.
Having completed forms when you arrive at our facility will help get you into the range quicker.
Everyone must complete these steps before they use the range.
Anyone who does not complete these steps will not be allowed to use our facility.

Note: You are required to watch this video at our range.
It is displayed only for your convenience and cannot be used as a substitute for watching it at our facility.

Our nine-lane indoor pistol range is open six days a week. You are welcome to come in and practice or schedule an appointment with one of our NRA Certified Instructors for an introductory to firearms class or a one-on-one pistol lesson.

1 Hour Non-Member: $30

Active Duty LE & Military: $20
$10 each additional person on the same lane
$20 additional for gun rental (FID Card Required)

We also offer range memberships for those of you who shoot on a regular basis and would like to receive discounts on range time and ammunition.

Steel core, armor piercing, tracers, buckshot, and birdshot ammunition are prohibited. Slugs are allowed. No black powder firearms! Handgun and rifle ammunition may not exceed 3,600 fps. When renting a firearm, Bob’s Little Sport Shop ammunition must be purchased.

The pictures listed below are from our range prior to the June 15, 2013 fire. New ones coming soon!