We offer handgun training for shooters of all levels. If you are a beginner, our Intro to Firearms and Safety is the perfect opportunity to learn all of the fundamentals and safety measures of handling and working with firearms.

For more experienced shooters, we offer private lessons to refine your skills and enhance your current level of training.

Intro to Firearms and Safety

Cost: $60 for 1 person; $85 for 2 people. (Check with instructor for fee with more than two people.)
Time: 75 – 90 minutes of classroom instruction

  • Fundamental Safety Rules
  • Types of Firearms
  • Parts of the gun
  • Parts of ammunition

You will shoot a gun during the last 15 minutes of the class.

Our Intro to Firearms and Safety class is recommended for non-shooters, or people with limited gun-handling experience.

Since our range fire June 15, 2013, instruction is still offered but only through certain instructors. Please contact our shop for a current list of instructors. Thank you.

Private Shooting Lessons

Cost: $75 for 1-on-1 with a Certified NRA Instruction. (Check with instructor for fee with more than one person.)
Time: 45 – 75 minutes

  • Basic Safety
  • Shooting instruction – one-on-one with an instructor
  • One box of .22, .38, or 9mm Ammunition, one target, and one gun rental

Includes basic safety lesson (how to handle and operate firearms appropriately) and time in the range with hands-on instruction.

Group Lessons and Rentals

Cost: $30.00 per lane
1 Instructor per lane
$50.00 per Instructor
$15 per gun rental (up to a maximum of $50)
Plus the cost of the ammo
Time: 90 minutes (approximately)

We have several instructors available to give classes and private lessons to anyone interested in becoming more proficient with firearms. Our instructors are all certified by the National Rifle Association.


We have several NRA Certified firearms instructors available for lessons. Please contact them directly to set up a lesson.