Operation Footsteps

Providing Shoes for Children Wherever There Is a Need

In 1997 we were taking medical supplies to missionaries in Zaire (Congo). While there, we were taken to a feeding program for the children. The program runs three days a week.

At the program, a young boy asked me to get him a pair of shoes.

Meeting this young boy started our Project Footsteps.

When you give a child a pair of shoes, it is more than just footwear. In many third world countries, thousands of children die from disease. Many of these diseases are the result of parasites that enter the body through the feet.

Shoes can help prevent this.

When you give a child a pair of shoes, it shows that someone, somewhere, cares. When they know someone cares, this gives them hope. And with hope, there becomes a reason to live and try for a better life.

And, leave Footsteps for others to follow.

Shoes have been sent to:

  • Africa
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Hope School
  • Israel
  • American Indian Reservations in Montana and South Dakota
  • Missions in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Kentucky
[box type=”info”] We ask that all shoes donated be in good, clean condition and ties together. No high heels. All sizes can be used.[/box]

We wish to thank the many schools, churches, civic groups, and individuals who have collected and given so generously to help keep the program growing. Safari Club International, Central Jersey Chapter, has supported the Footsteps since it started. The One-Shot Hunt Club of South Africa has adopted Footsteps as part of its humanitarian service to school children in South Africa.

If you have shoes you would like to donate, or if you would like additional information about Operation Footsteps, pleaseĀ contact us.