Viden001Robert L. Viden, Jr. is currently seeking election to the NRA Board of Directors. If you are an NRA voting member (those with 5 or more years of consecutive membership and those with Life or higher-level memberships), look for Bob’s name on ballot!

An uncompromising defender of Second Amendment, Bob Viden—owner of Bob’s Little Sport Shop—has spent a lifetime in the trenches, speaking out against anti-firearms ownership attacks and promoting the safe use of firearms both in the US and internationally. He actively testifies for gun rights and serves as a political strategist/columnist for pro-gun candidates.

As an NRA board member, Bob was an integral part of several committees, including the NRA Range Development and Legislative Policy committees. He challenged a semiautomatic ban in Federal Court and NJ, forced the revision of M1A and AR15 bans, and actively promotes development of shooting ranges while defending them against arbitrary closure by anti-gun bureaucrats.

Bob enjoys hunting in North America and Africa with bow, rifle and black powder, muzzleloader, and handgun. It was during one of his first trips to Africa that a life-changing encounter with a young child led him to start Operation Footsteps, a charity organization that gives shoes to children in need.

Bob is endorsed by The Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs. He believes in God, owns guns, and defends both!

Robert L. Viden, Jr.

NRA Benefactor Member
Nominated by Nominating Committee


  • NRA Day
  • Project Footsteps – Safari Club humanitarian aid program. Program has distributed 78,000 pairs of shoes to African children
  • President and Owner, Bob’s Little Sport Shop and Indoor Range (family owned and operated business)


  • South Jersey Sportsmen
  • NJ Retail Firearms Dealers Association

Regional Vice President:

  • NJ Association of Rifle & Pistol Clubs


  • Legal Affairs, NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs


  • NRA Whittington Center


  • One Shot Hunt Club of South Africa
  • Central Jersey SCI

Board Member:

  • One Shot Hunt Club of South Africa


  • Whittington Centers
  • Founders Club and Trail Blazer
  • 50 Cal. Shooters Association
  • South Jersey Arms Collectors
  • Texas Gun Collectors
  • Safari Club International
  • Single Action Shooting Society
  • Salem County Sportsmen
  • Mullica Hill Rifle and Pistol Club
  • Gloucester County Sportsmen
  • Cumberland Riflemen
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • NRA Gun Collectors Committee
  • Club and Associations Committee


  • NRA Range Development Committee
  • NRA Day Committee

NRA Certified Instructor:

  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home

Other Credentials:

  • Former Volunteer Fireman
  • Former Lineman
  • Church Trustee
  • Hunts North America and Africa with bow, rifle, black powder and handgun
  • Challenged NJ Semi-auto ban in court
  • Debates firearms rights on TV and radio
  • Fights for international travel with firearms
  • Vigorous, no compromise advocate for right to keep and bear arms. Defender against vicious attacks against firearms ownership. Challenged semiautomatic ban in Federal court, forced revision of M1A, AR-15 bans.
  • Regional VP and Legislative Representative, Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs Inc., the official NRA state Association
  • Helped roll back New Jersey’s M1-A, AR-15 and blocked magazine bans; challenged NJ’s semi-automatic ban in Federal court